What is a pisco sour and why you should be trying it this summer

This is a South American classic. Pisco is made from distilled wine grapes and primarily from Chile and Peru. The Quebranta grape is the primary grape used for pisco puro, whilst more aromatic piscos might be made from a combination of torrontel, italia and Moscatel

To make a Pisco sour – Peruvian Pisco, lime juice, sugar syrup, egg whites, angostura bitters and ice cubes.

Similar to a whisky sour or gin sour, this is a refreshing cocktail that matches popular ceviches and seafood dishes.

Why not try a bottle of QUEIROLO QUEBRANTA PISCO; try make a PISCO at home / on a coastal holiday, OR as an alternative to traditional coastal cocktails / go to some of our partner restaurants and match it with kingfish ceviche , snapper and squid aioli.

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